Friday, December 2, 2011

I have tried to understand...

It’s quiet tonight; wonderfully, beautifully quiet.  It’s funny how I recognize and appreciate the stillness only after the turbulent and blustery 24 hours we just endured.

On several occasions, last night, I awoke to the banging of debris crashing repeatedly against the roulette of homes in our circle.  Then again, just as easily as I was stirred awake, I drifted back to sleep with only the rotation of position and strategic, ear muffling, pillow placement.

Gates also spent much of the night awake, leaves and gravel crashing into his window.   At lunch with Brian this afternoon, him explaining to me what measures where taken to help quiet the noise and help Gates get back to sleep, I awoke to something of more significance; the realization of how simply being able to adjust easily, and eliminate an annoyance, is truly a blessing.

Except for sleep deprivation, due to weather related issues, Gates is doing well.  He’s stronger than ever and maintains the light we all know and love about him. 

It’s important to note, however, bumps in the road are ever present and daunting.  Gates has battled an infection for several weeks now and just when he completes his round of medication and starts to feel better, the infection returns.  His conditions are flu like when the infection takes hold and focused prayers for Dr.’s to find a longer-term treatment would be helpful.

“…ultimately, just as surely as the day follows the night, as we remain true and faithful, this strange friend, adversity, leads us straight into the outstretched arms of the Savior.

“I have tried to understand why we must experience tribulation before we can experience the ultimate communication…

“Sometimes we must be straining very hard to hear the still small voice before we can be taught things hidden from the world.  We must be on a spiritual frequency, which is out of this world.  Adversity can help fine-tune this frequency.

“Even the Savior communicated more intensely with our Father in Heaven when he was in agony. When the Lord was in Gethsemane, Luke recorded, “And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly.” – Elder Glenn L. Pace

As Brian sat across the table, he spoke again of Gates’ faith in our Father in Heaven.  As anyone can expect, he still doesn’t understand “why” things happened the way they did but more importantly he does understand, and knows, he has a Father in Heaven who does.