Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gates is home...

Gates is home.  He's been home now for more than a week and going through therapy nearly every minute of every day; he told me, "Pretty much anything I do is therapy."

It is fun to witness him zipping around the house in his chair and then to find him, mustache and all, again back at church on Sunday.  It does me so much good to see him, smiling, leaned back in his seat, raising his eyebrows in salutation as I escort my little one out to the restroom in the middle of the meeting.

I didn't intend to write tonight but as I sit here occupying this familiar chair, my thoughts drift, as they often do, to Gates.  A recent comment reminded me of the group of individuals who have shared their stories of injury and recovery, stories which have touched me, stories I hope touch you.

Sabrina Glade in her own words:

"Hey Gates,

"I heard about you from my mother-in-law just recently.  It sounds like you have a great attitude and a lot of support and I wish you the best. 

"I just thought I'd write to see if there was anything I could do to offer encouragement, etc.  I broke my back eleven years ago snowboarding and was paralyzed from the waist down.  I was also 19 years old.  

"Although my injury was lower on the spinal cord than yours, so it was not as complicated, I'm familiar with some of the struggles you'll be facing.  Fortunately, I've been very lucky in my recovery.  When the doctor first saw my injury, he thought I would never walk again.  I have x-rays that show the vertebrae next to each other instead of being on top of each other.  They thought for sure my cord was severed.  

"After the surgery to put it all back in place, they did the MRI and found the cord wasn't severed but crushed.  The doctor said that increased my odds to about a 5% chance of walking again.  (They have to give you worst case.)  

"I spent two months rehabilitating in the University of Utah.  I spent 8 months in a wheelchair and then another year walking with leg braces and crutches. I started out with a full leg brace on my left leg and a half brace on the right.  I still have a brace on my lower left leg.  I have never regained full use of my left leg and there are other things that never went completely back to normal.  However, within a couple of years I was learning to snowboard again.... in fact I went last week.  I still hit jumps and boxes but I no longer take risks like I did... but am just grateful that I can still enjoy the mountain.  

"It seems like you've already met some people who have had similar injuries. (I think I saw on the blog that you're working with Brandon Sulser.)  But I thought I would just let you know if you feel like you'd like to talk to someone with similar background, I'd be happy to come talk with you.  I know I haven't mentioned this yet, but the reason I'm walking today is through the faith, prayers, and fasting of my family and friends.  I knew I would walk again.  Keep your faith.  

"My hope & prayers are with you & your family."

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  1. heyyy avery this is emma i go to challenger and i was soooo sad when you left!!! i found this blog and i want to see whats going on