Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hunsaker Kids Helping at Gates' Booth at Eaglewood

My beautiful, blue eyed two-year-old daughter, who is generally very sweet and patient, became frustrated with me, on Saturday, as I struggled to wrap her baby doll the way she wanted.  Her level of irritation became visible when she took them both from my hands, placed them aggressively on the chair next to me and walked off in a huff.  She struggled to communicate, in a way I could understand, what she wanted and needed to happen.

Brian and I talked the day before about the way Gates’ body communicates with him.  Where most of us can feel the pain of a stubbed toe or an upset stomach, Gates doesn’t have that blessing to know something isn’t right.  For him, his body communicates problems through raised blood pressure, fevers and headaches, headaches so bad his eyes water.

Unfortunately, for Gates, his body has sent him these messages for the last few days requiring him to remain in the hospital another night; his much-anticipated “escape” has been delayed.  Keep him in your prayers that Wednesday will be better and he’ll sleep Wednesday night in his own bed.

This said, Gates would not be denied the chance to lie on the cool grass, distancing himself from anything remotely associated to the hospital, to watch the fireworks from his backyard.

Gates' Booth at Eaglewood
At Eaglewood Golf Course, a few of Gates’ friends and family members faced the heat of the July afternoon and joined in an effort to raise a little extra money for the mounting bills.  Gates visited the group and didn’t care to leave as he received loving embraces from various friends within the swarming crowd.

On Friday and Saturday, ward members, neighbors and friends fell on the Hunsaker home to clean and help move furniture in place for Gates’ homecoming. 

I’ve reflected the last few days about communication as a whole.  The inability to communicate not only brings distress to the person or part of the body attempting to relay the message, it also causes confusion and an annoyance to the receiver, be it in the form of bewilderment or physically demonstrated through headaches and fevers. 

How important then the ability to communicate?  Whether it is through acts of service, a hug from a friend who parts a sea of people or the verbal expression of appreciation and love.

As echoed many times before and peppered in nearly every conversation I have with them, if there is one message Brian, Cherie, Gates and the rest of the Hunsaker family wish to make very clear, and communicate to all, it is this:  Thank you!

For the 4th of July

Finally, Gates, we wish you a VERY Happy Birthday 
on this July 6th!
May a night in your own bed be your gift!


  1. Happy Birthday Gates!!! Can't wait till your home with your family!

  2. Happy Birthday Gates!!! Good luck with everything!

  3. Happy Birthday Gates!!!! Hope you get to go home for your birthday....We miss having you in our neighborhood. Marilyn & Jim Stephens

  4. Happy Birthday Gates! Stay strong and party hard my good man :). I can't wait to hear about your move back home.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GATES! We all love you and are so inspired by you. Welcome Home!