Thursday, April 28, 2011

It did what I wanted it to do!...

Cherie, Gates and Brian
If you’re not from Utah, or don’t have ties to an avid meteorologist, it might be odd for you to read…  it snowed here yesterday.  Not only did it snow yesterday but Doppler Radar tells us it’s going to snow again on Friday!

You know when it didn’t snow?


Guess where Gates was today… 

The allure of beautiful weather and fresh air seduced Gates past the reception area and into the sunlight, companioned by a cool breeze.  He joked to his dad, “As soon as I get a motorized wheelchair…  I’m outta here.”    He was outside.

I’d explained, a few days ago, I was going to slow down on my daily posts and yesterday I shared a magnificent video of Gates; a fitting place to give time for others to catch up for a day or two.  On a family walk, with my two small children, I slowed as I passed the Hunsaker home; I felt a strong impression to write tonight, I am elated I called Brian.

“Through personal prayer, through family prayer, by trusting in God with faith, nothing wavering, we can call down to our rescue His mighty power. His call to us is as it has ever been: “Come unto Me.’” – President Thomas S. Monson

Gates held his arm straight, from elbow to fingertip, and then slowly lowered his hand, keeping his arm steady.  He exclaimed with boyish excitement, “It did what I wanted it to do!”

As a collective effort from all of you, of all beliefs, we’ve focused our prayers on Gates gaining control of his wrists.  Today, “It did what [he] wanted it to do!” 

Thank you!  Thank you for your continued prayers!  Gates progress is more than impressive, as many of you shared, “inspiring.”

It gets better… 

His therapist then gave Gates a paper cup, asking him to bring it to his mouth to drink.  After the third or fourth attempt, he did it!

In classic Gates spirit, he threw the remaining water on his therapist…  


Ciera Belyea
Dance Company Tryouts


  1. YESSSSSS!!!! i am so happy reading this post, i was at the hospital last friday and gates was telling my friend jill and me about how he still couldnt control his wrists, and that that would be his next step. i am SO grateful for all the prayers and fasting for him, and i know that he is being blessed through his faith and the faith of others.

  2. I don't want you too get bored of my writtings, but as I read the blog this morning, instead of crying I was laughing & crying with happy tears. Good job Gates!!! I love what you did to your thearpist...Your amazing. I truley know heavenly father is listening & answering everyones prayers. We all have faith & we need too keep it. We love you & your family so much. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. AMAZING!! Gates I hope that you understand what an amazing inspiration you are to us! Keep up the hard work :)

  4. Love these videos! SO thrilling and emotional!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Way to go Gates! that made me really happy

  6. That is so fantastic!! I am continually amazed! Great job! We are still with ya!!

  7. GO GATES! Your hard work and faith are paying off. The many, many prayers being said in your behalf are definitely being answered. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! We're all rooting for you Gates! You're an inspiration to us all and thanks for what you've taught us about life the last few weeks! We love following your progress...thanks to this blog!

  8. I smiled and cried as I read the post this morning, but happy tears. I'm so happy for you! Thats so awesome. I'm so grateful to my heavenly father that he's answered mine, along with many praying for control of your wrist. I love what you did to your therapist. You truly are an amazing example or "Enjoying the Journey". Thank you for your example. Way to go Gates!

  9. I’ve been wanting to comment for awhile, now is better than never…I don’t know if you remember or even know who I am; I am Ciera’s older sister, and the only memory that I have of you was at a swim shave/shaving cream party, where everyone was pressuring everyone into shaving their heads for the swim meet that was the next morning. I left early knowing that a “shaving cream party” wouldn’t end in a clean manner (or maybe it would end too clean, hmm…?!?!) Anyhow, I remember hearing how much fun the party was and how everyone was smashing shaving cream into each other’s faces. I was hearing that kind of excitement frequently about you, obviously there is never a dull moment around you. You definitely have an amazing spirit and it radiates to those you don’t even know. I get excited to read the new updates on the blog, and it is definitely a testament to me and to others of how a community really comes together and lets loved ones lean on each other. You are such a blessing and a testament to those all around you, and I want to thank you for the impression that you leave on each of us, especially me and my family. Your ‘mission’ has only just begun. Keep working hard and sooner than later you’ll be able to have another shaving cream party…maybe then you’ll even ‘bic’ your head ;) haha! Thank you Gates for your enduring strength!