Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boo Yah!...

Put this date on your calendar:  May 7th, 2011

I don’t pretend nor profess to know the Lord’s plans, however, the religious side of me believes he’s aware of this date; it’s forecasted to be 70 degrees and “mostly sunny.”

May 7th, 2011 we commemorate “Gates’ May Day.” 

“Mayday” by definition, is an international distress call.  In this instance we’ve punned it to mean a call to action, which – as it were – conveniently takes place in the month of May.  It’s a day for us to celebrate our friendship with, respect for and love towards Gates Hunsaker.

Tonight, as my spouse and I visited with Gates and Brian in the hospital our discussions turned to the plannings and preparations for said event.  I was rambling about the details; who was doing what, what organization was taking place, some of the sponsors and other particulars when Brian, grinning, politely interrupted.

Brian:  “Guess who else is going to be there?”

I stood there silently with my head halfcocked and eyes wide open; my mind was racing as to which celebrity or personality would make an appearance. 

Brian’s smile never changed, though his gaze shifted from me down to my good friend lying on the adjustable hospital bed.  Gates smirked, gestured his head, almost as if his rising eyebrows lifted his chin straight up and said, beaming:

Gates:  “Boo Yah!”

I’ve typed, read, reread and read again those last two paragraphs; I get the chills every time!

Gates’ first scheduled “field trip” will be to the concert, held in his honor, at the South Davis Recreation Center.  The “Gates’ May Day” will begin long before that; I will post the details immediately following the next two paragraphs.

“Our Heavenly Father is a powerful, moving, directing being. While we may, at times, bear burdens of sorrow, pain, and grief; while we may struggle to understand trials of faith we are called to pass through; while life may seem dark and dreary—through faith, we have absolute confidence that a loving Heavenly Father is at our side.” – Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Gates needs our faith and focused prayer that he’ll have a good, strong week.  If he continues to show improvement we’ll all get to see him on May 7th, 2011.


A schedule for “Gates’ May Day” events are as follows:

8:00am – Eagleridge Tennis and Swim Club (711 So. Parkway Drive, NSL, UT 84054.  (801) 397-2582):
·      Dan Bitner, swim team captain when Gates was a freshman, is swimming eight straight hours (the same amount of time Gates was in surgery (six) and recovery (two))!
·      Additional swimmers will be in the pool, to raise money for each lap they swim
·      Tee-Shirts will be sold at $15 (all sizes Youth and Adult)
o   You can email your orders to:
·      Donated Gift Baskets will be auctioned off
·      Wrist Bands will be sold at $5 each
·      Not only are the owners of the Eaglewood Tennis and Swim Club donating the use of the facility but they are donating all the proceeds of the day to Gates’ recovery.

1:00pm – Outdoor Amphitheater at South Davis Recreation Center – The Old “Bubble” (550 No. 200 W., Bountiful, UT 84010)
·      Tickets to the show are $5
·      Tee-Shirts will be sold at $15 (all sizes Youth and Adult)
o   You can email your orders to:
·      Bands playing at the event are:
o   Mountain Hymns
o   The Spins
o   The Old World
o   Holy Water Buffalo

*All Money Raised Will Go Towards Gates’ Recovery


  1. GATES on 3. 1.2.3. GATES!!!!!! That's "my boy"! Gates I love so much and I have never been prouder of you! You never let the Terminator, the Destroyer or Susie's Death Swim get to you and you certainly are going to conquer this demand on your body!!!! You are faith, hope couage and strength in action!

    To all of you who want tees and bands. Email me at believe 4816 @ And I will reserve your order for you. Then starting Tuesday night and going until whenever the demand for all Gates prducts are fulfilled. My home will be opened from 8:00 till 10:00 PM for everyone to come and get tees and bands. I for one will wear both bands until Gates takes his first steps on his the sunshine! For I believe that day will be full of sunshine! Also both tees will be worn till they are only threads! Also this week if anyone would like to donate a gift basket to auction off bring them to me this week at said times so I can get them ready foot Saturday! THANKS EVERYONE! My address is 656 West 1500 South WX Just head done 1500 and our home is right after the freeway overpass on your right!
    Let us all fill the town with Gates shirts and bands!

    Gates.....I Love You! And I BELIEVE in you!

  2. Susie again.. Email is wrong it is SORRY

  3. SWEET!! I'm so going to be there :)

  4. Gates, our family will try and be at the Rec Center but we are coming from St George that day. Makaela graduates from Dixie College the night before and we're helping Brieana move home for the summer that depending on what time we get out of St George, we will be there. I know Brieana is planning to be there so I'm certain we'll be packing her the night before so we can be there to support you.

  5. my three year old just saw the cool wrist bands, "we gotta get one of those, they are stink'n awesome!" agree! we'll all be sporting them soon!

    you're amazing gates! new saying around here, "do it again." thanks for inspiring us to try again, improve each day!

    we love you!!

  6. Oh no!! I have a previous engagement for the 7th that I can't back out of... I'll send an email though because I definitely want some Gates merhandise! I would like a shirt that says "Gates inspires me" *hint hint* :)