Sunday, April 24, 2011

The "Better Half" of Service!...

"Author and historian Wallace Stegner wrote about the Mormon migration and gathering to the Salt Lake Valley. He did not accept our faith and in many ways was critical; nevertheless, he was impressed with the devotion and heroism of our early Church members, especially the women. He stated, “Their women were incredible.” I echo that sentiment today. Our Latter-day Saint women are incredible!" - Elder Quentin L. Cook 

And we echo Elder Cook...  The "Better Half" of Service!

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  1. Brian and Cherie HunsakerApril 24, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    Today is Easter Sunday. Nineteen days ago my nineteen year old son's life took a sharp turn in a different direction than any one could have imagined. Words can't express how we feel. We are overwhelmed by this tragic accident that Gates is experiencing. We are equally overwhelmed by the outreach to Gates and our family of love, and support in so many ways. Incredible is a word that Gates uttered to me while he lay in the ER room while I told him about the seriousness of his accident. Incredible is a word that I have uttered under my breath many times over the past 19 days as I try to comprehend all the implications of this accident on Gates and our family. As I drove home yesterday morning from the hospital and turned the corner up Sunset Way I uttered the words "incredible" again as viewed Sunset Way and the vehicle lined street while dozens of our friends, neighbors, and ward members were at our home lending support to our family. We have been lifted and buoyed up by your support. This a trial that Gates and our family will get through. The burden is heavy, but the burden has been made lighter by so many! Many have been helping behind the scenes offering support to our family. We feel so blessed. I can't believe I can utter those words considering the magnitude of this accident. But I can say we are so blessed because so many are willing to make the burden a little lighter. We love you! Our family has been a huge support and we love you! I know Gates burden has been lifted by his amazing friends. They have been a huge support for him as well to our family. We know Gates had great friends, but so many! You have been awesome we love you! Sincerely, Brian and Cherie Hunsaker

  2. Hang in there Gates! We are praying for you and we love you.

  3. Again, I don't know any of you personally, but I am so drawn to the amount of love that is expressed everyday for this family. I keep wishing I could be a part of it. I guess I am ... In a way... I pray everyday for a young man I have never met and a family I don't know. The pictures of the cars lined up and down the street brought tears to my eyes. I know I am still praying for a miracle. It can happen! Again.. To whoever is keeping this blog.... Thank you. To Gates...don't give up on the miracle!!!