Friday, April 22, 2011

As Gates rehabilitates...

It seems every boy, no matter the age, loves to smash stuff.  It’s even better still, when it’s walls, bricks or anything of structure.  Saturday morning, boys, “young” and “old”, with gloves and goggles in place, will begin the demolition of the Hunsaker home for an expansion, accommodating Gates and his new mode of transportation (Brian and Cherie, if you’re reading this and this is news to you…  I’m sorry, I’m only the messenger).

Gentry, Gates, Avery and Reese

Wednesday morning, before the sun’s light settled on Gates’ hometown, several men congregated to discuss a remodel of the Hunsaker’s current floor plan.  The blueprints, electrical, framing, insulation, HVAC, lighting, ramps, elevators, finish work and everything in-between was deliberated.  Each one of these charitable brethren sought additional responsibilities for said projects, bargaining for more chance to serve.  These willing souls are experts in their field of construction, development and engineering; no better team could be assembled to accomplish this task.

“True faith is focused in and on the Lord Jesus Christ and always leads to righteous action. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that ‘faith [is] the first principle in revealed religion, and the foundation of all righteousness’ and that it is also ‘the principle of action in all intelligent beings.’   Action alone is not faith in the Savior, but acting in accordance with correct principles is a central component of faith. Thus, ‘faith without works is dead’ (James 2:20).” – Elder David A. Bednar

Gates is doing the work(s); it’s up to us to use our faith, a focused faith, on the healing process.  As we collectively prayed for Gates’ increased ability to breathe, a miracle happened and he was blessed to progress without the assistance of the tracheotomy.  As of today, Gates, though he has feeling in his hands, has no use of his lower forearms and wrists.  I’m astounded daily when considering all I take for granted; what a blessing it is have wrist function and mobility.

As Gates rehabilitates over the next six-weeks, these updates will slow from their daily arrival.  Each post will have a focus as to where we can demonstrate our faith in prayer.  At this time, our prayers and faith should be focused on Gates receiving the blessing of use of his lower arms and wrist.  This function is the difference between Gates in a wheelchair which he can push himself and one that requires a joystick.

“Breaking News” in Gates’ recovery will come immediately upon its delivery to me. 

Finally, though posts won’t be new each day, our prayers for him should continue with the same fervor with which they’ve persisted the last two and a half weeks.  Gates is now feeling well enough to spend time reading the blog, so another plea to leave your messages for Gates, is where I will end tonight.

Cherie, Avery, Gentry, Brian, Reese, Brian, Gates,
Grandma and Grandpa Hunsaker
(Gates' Ordination to Elder)


  1. Gates,
    My names Lisa. I know you don't know me, but I'm Bree's friend. She told me about you and updates me. She said she went and saw you tonight and so I sat down to read how you're doing. I cried often while reading your story. My eyes flooded with love for my savior. My testimony of the atonement increased to know the pains and problems you're going through the savior suffered. I'm amazed and inspired by your ever positive attitude and constant smiling. You're AMAZING! Keep doing great. I'm very glad you got your sprite!:] I've put your name on the prayer roll in the st. george temple since the night of your accident. and even though I don't know you personally I can feel of your love for the savior by the way you live. Your example has influenced me so much. I hope I can come visit with Bree soon. Stay Strong! :] You're doing wonderful! Through him who lives we can overcome all.

  2. Gates,
    You're story has deeply touched me and taught me so much over the last little while. You are so strong and have showed my that every day I should be grateful for what I have. I continue to pray for you everyday and hope that improvements will keep coming. Keep being a great example, your story has touched many. Stay strong, thanks for teaching me all that you have.

  3. gates! i loved seeing you today. i dont think ive smiled or laughed so much lately. i love the attitude and bright spirit you have. the highlight of my visit was touching your hands and you feeling it. i pray every day for you to keep progressing! and i know that you will. ill see you again soon, and ill have your bubble gum ice cream and "real people food" like you requested :) you are inspiring so many people, and you have no idea how many lives you have touched. love you!!!

  4. Gates!! I love reading your blog you amaze me everyday!! I miss you like crazy and I wanna come see you SO bad!! I will probably come see you soon and see that face of yours I miss!! You are so strong and you have and still are inspiring so many people, including myself! I pray and think about you all the time!! Cant wait to see you soon(: I love you so much my gateseyyy!