Friday, April 8, 2011

If there is one constant…

4/4/2011 - Grandma Venette

The phrase, “If there is one constant…” doesn’t apply to Gates.  There are multiple constants all around him; his mom and dad are constant in being at his bedside, his friends are constant in brightening up the waiting room, Gates’ grandparents are constant in their expressions of appreciation to the many visitors and there is a constant sea of faces, coming and going, to impart of their care for this young man. 

If he could only see through the secure doors of the hallway leading to his room, he would catch sight of the dozens upon dozens of people who he has touched in his short and ever positive life.  If he could vision beyond that, to the households of knelt families, congregations and organizations around the world, who are praying for him, he would understand how the power of one can affect the lives of so many for good and great things.  

Gates is a remarkable example of how our actions can lift and bless the lives of those who know us, and those who only see us, when we live life to the fullest with a “pure and good heart.”  (Brian used these words to explain Gates and his good friend Garrett to me, today.)

Sr. Year
Gates is more comfortable now, as the medication has been formulated to allow for maximum relief without the overwhelming need of sleep.  He’s also on a rotating bed, which provides positional changes mechanically while maintaining spinal alignment, decreasing the risk of bedsores. He is also being fed through a feeding tube instead of intravenously, which is another very positive sign.

Doctors are considering a tracheotomy this afternoon and though it sounds menacing, it’s actually very common.  The Tracheotomy is recommended to: improve respiratory mechanics, nutrition, comfort and clearance of secretion.  This would also allow doctors to test Gates’ oxygen levels, by flipping a switch, instead of the alternative which is the painful and exhaustive process of removing and reinserting the respirator; it will give his jaw, mouth and vocal cords a much needed and desired break from the bulky apparatus; if doctors so chose.

The Hunsakers are waiting to meet with the Trauma team, but unfortunately they’re busy with other cases, occupying their time the last few hours.  As information becomes available, we will post updates.

I had the opportunity to talk with Garrett Millward today and look forward to writing of his experience from the time he entered the Hunsaker’s home Tuesday afternoon, to the moment where waiting in the hospital Brian told him of Gates’ prognosis.  This post will be uploaded shortly.

Miracles and Tender Mercies: 
  • The occupational therapist has confirmed Gates does have use of his triceps; a miracle in and of itself.
  • A couple years ago, while skiing in Switzerland, Brian caught sight of a “US Ski Team” jacket and made quick friends with the gentleman wearing the coat.  They skied together that day, and Brian’s ski buddy later sent him a US Ski Team jacket (XXXL) for his own:  Two nights ago, Brian’s companion on the slopes that day in Europe, years ago, was the surgeon who operated on Gates. 
Please feel free to comment on anything you read or any inspirations for the benefit of those reading this blog.

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